Octopus Postcards - marine biology postcards - set of 8


Image of Octopus Postcards - marine biology postcards - set of 8

Looking for a great nautical gift? I made these octopus postcards from an antique scientific illustration, and they're perfect to send in a postcard exchange, especially if you live by the beach! I've always loved marine biology, especially after living in Woods Hole, MA home of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, the Marine Biology Lab and NOAA. I worked at the scientific library there and got to see all of the amazing illustrations contained within the old journals. It's from scans of these illustrations that I create my work! There's also a matching wedding invitation and thank you notes in this design.

You'll receive a set of 8 seahorse postcards that are slightly shiny on the picture side, and not shiny on the back, with a space to write a message and the address. These seahorse postcards make great gifts for your friends who love the ocean.

Professionally printed in the USA, made in Florida.

This design is also available as a set of 8 Octopus thank you notes with envelopes.