Cape Cod Christmas Cards, set of 8


Image of Cape Cod Christmas Cards, set of 8

My Cape Cod Notecards were so popular this summer I decided to make Cape Cod Christmas Cards to go with them! These are perfect for sending to friends or family who have moved off-Cape (or as some of us like say - "over the bridge").

Inside, the cards read "Wishing you a cozy Christmas, wherever you may be" - you can tell your friends all about your winter ice skating adventures on Nobska pond, or visiting PB Boulangerie Bistro and not having to wait in line - they'll be sad they're not here this winter!

The illustration is an old drawing from 1891 that I enhanced and re-colored, and it lists the founding dates of all the towns - it's neat to live in a town older than the country.

Set of 8 cards with envelopes.
Size: 4.25"x5.5" -Just enough space to write a nice message, without seeming overwhelming.
Printed on 30% pcw recycled paper


Image of Cape Cod Christmas Cards, set of 8